Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Lied...

Well... kind of. Remember the whole "my 1 week old sleeps 9 hours a night" thing? There may have been a good reason for it. He was jaundice. Really jaundice and it was sedating him. We had to put him on the lights and it was horrible... just like it was with Pep but this time we got to use the blanket instead of the bed so we could at least hold him and comfort him instead of letting him scream it out on the bed like Pep had to. The down side to the blanket is that it isn't as efficient and it took a full 7 days for his levels to go down to the point that we could take him off. His poor little feet were covered in scabs from all the bili tests and I had to force him awake every couple of hours day and night to feed him so the bilis would pass. After a long week of sleeping in chair in the living room we finally made it! Now he wakes once a night to eat, it isn't 9 hours of uninterrupted but I cant complain about either.
He is SO much more alert now and at 4 weeks (tomorrow) he is happy and healthy! Unfortunately we did his circumcision today so maybe not so much happy at this very moment but still healthy.
At his two week appointment he was in the 10nth percentile for both height and weight. He had lost a little weight (dropped to 6lbs 9 oz) and grown an inch. SO skinny! Im not sure what percentile he is in now but he has gained over a pound in the last week! He is now a whopping 7lbs 12oz! Still tiny but growing normally and he is just too much fun.
So yes... we did have a glow baby again. Hate jaundice!

 His new bouncer that Nana and Poppy got for him! Thank you! (also thank you Amber for being the middle man on the deal)
 Just chillin on a soccer ball

Pep and AnDee are slowly adjusting, as am I. This adjustment has been a rough one but we are making it and the fact that we have been able to be outside a little has helped a lot. They both still adore their baby and are so sweet with him. If only they would be that sweet with each other.
Pep is turning in to quite the smarty pants. He of course knows all his animals and their sounds (He  does call horsies "sushis" but its cute so I let him.) He loves to sing "a peanut sat on a railroad track" because he gets to make a choo choo sound AND yell "PEANUT BUTTER!!" in the same song. He can count to 10 all by himself and likes to practice his ABC's with AnDee (she is always all too happy to "teach" him) He loves wearing Daddy's boots and Mama's high heels and he has finally given up his bottle! He spends endless hours outside by himself and couldn't be any happier. I cant keep his shoes on him and he usually comes in covered in mud because he is always on the look out for worms... which he catches and then squishes the guts out of. He is ALL boy (aside from the high heel wearing) and HATES it when AnDee tries to get him to be her prince.

AnDee has become too intelligent for me to handle. She knows how to manipulate all too well and I find myself the victim on occasion. She says the most hilerious things and when I don't want to pull my own hair out in frustration because of her sassiness or her bossiness, we are best friends and she really honestly is the best helper and is still my saving grace when it comes to keeping the house clean. A while back we were driving to the store and the sun was setting. I pointed it out to her and her response was "Oh! Its SOOO beautiful! Its like a "balcano"!! (aka volcano) I just... I just... I think my heart is gonna "esplode!" Im so happy"    She has a knack for the dramatics. She has now started using her prayers as a way to reprimand the rest of us. She often says things like "and thank you that Pep can close his eyes and not talk during the prayer" Pep doesn't get it though... he just continues doing what he is doing.
Andrew is convinced we have some sort of ground hog or something in our back yard. He went out one night after dark to set up a trail cam so he could catch the little creatures on film. The kids of course wanted to go out with him but just a few minutes into the adventure AnDee decided it was too cold so she was going to run back to the house as fast as she could. It must have been really dark because she ran directly in to one of our little trees back there and it leveled her completely. She got a little bump and a bit of a scratch on her face but all in all she came out ok.
My kids are the best and we are so happy its spring time. Andrew and I have our hands full with yard projects this year and cant wait to get started! Life is good... sometimes hard but always good.
If you look closely you can see the tiny remainder of the scratch on her cheek

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