Monday, June 11, 2012


We all knew that the "post a day for a month" things was never really going to happen. Im not controlled enough for that. I did pretty good though right? All the way through 17 before I stopped? I do however plan on continuing and so this is my number 18 post.... which doesn't include a day but closer to a week...and a half. Ill make it as short and sweet as I can.
We started things off with a weekend at my brothers cabin up by Bear Lake with Dave and Dyl
We caught pot guts (and then spray painted them)....

(Dave sat like this for literally 45 minutes. He got one though. Impressive, right??)

and fished (unsuccessfully) and went four wheeling...

And pep really loved the wind....

While we were on our ride, Pep peed out of his diaper and we didn't have any with us. So naturally, Dyl took off his shirt and made a diaper out of that.

Then mom got a special treat and got to go to Lagoon with two of her best friends.

This was the longest amount of time I have spent away from my children... ever. I guess except through the night when I was in the hospital having Pep, but daytime hours... this is the longest and Im still paying for it. My kids become panicked if they even think I might leave them for long enough to go to the bathroom.

AnDee likes to get in her dress up clothes, turn on a little AWOLNATION on pandora and dance. The shoes have become a key element in her ability to dance lately. I guess Pep wanted to dance too cause he busted out Buggy's sparkly pink shoes.

He was pretty proud of himself for getting one on but lucky for him he has a big sister who would never let him go to a dance party with only one shoe...

Pep found Poppy's stash of M&M's and tried to bring them out to us. He ended up walking out with a completely empty bag, although his cheeks were fairly full... He is no dummy. He stocked up.
We got to go to Grandma Pugh's carnival today. (explanation: best friend growing up, Kira (Sounds an awful lot like "Kara" doesn't it?) has an amazing Grandmother who has put on a "carnival" for the kids every year since.... I don't know?? forever?. Its fun. There are games and prizes and lots and lots of sugar. Good times)
The kids had a blast and its always fun to see everyone...

And finally, this last weekend we spent up at Current Creek camping with our awesome friends Will and Ashley and their two girls. We fished... and we were a little more successful this time

and after all that...

We were a little tuckered out.

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  1. I'm tired just looking at all the things you stuffed into 1 1/2 weeks! But I am honored that you highlighted the cotton candy at the carnival! YES! the best part!!! :D xoxoxxo