Monday, June 18, 2012

days 22-24

Andrew took friday off and we headed to Seven Peaks for a couple hours where the kids got to try out their new life jackets which we LOVE seriously... they look dorky but they work SO well and the kids actually enjoyed wearing them. In fact, at one point I took Pep's off of him and set it aside, he went and got it and asked me to put it back on him. This makes me really happy because we are headed to Lake Powell this week and I don't know about your kids but my kids generally HATE life jackets. Best part is that these ones are approved for the boat! Yay! No more screaming, uncomfortable kids while on the boat!

On Saturday I spent most of the day cleaning up throw up. Totally awesome. The kiddos got food poisoning. Pep got most of it out of his system by morning (Made for a bit of a long night) but AnDee spent most of the day puking up every ounce of anything that we tried to put in to her. Poor kid. Made me feel SO bad. They were both feeling a little better by evening so we ventured in to the back yard to get some sun and fresh air.
(sorry its so dark)
Oh and Buggy tried to get a black eye by running in to the kitchen counter..

Fathers Day was a good one. Im super lucky cause I have THE BEST Dad ever. But really... he is. I adore him. And to top it off... I also have THE BEST Husband too. I love him dearly.
I got Andrew a bow fishing rig for his gift. And when I say I got it for him... I actually mean we went to Cabela's and he picked it out himself of course. We got to have dinner with both families and then in the evening, when everything settled down Andrew and I got to shoot our bows for a few minutes. It was a very relaxing, fun day.

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  1. I tried to shoot Tom's bow when we were there. He made fun of me because I couldn't pull it back. But I could shoot Liams! Hooray? Where did you get the life jackets? Brad and Ash had some at Ashley's sisters house that my kids wore and loved that they could swim by themselves! I need to get my kids some!