Friday, June 22, 2012


This is going to be as short as possible. Its getting late. Im tired and we are leaving for Lake Powell in the A.M. but I wanted to get this post in so Im not quite so behind on things when I get home next week.
Today we went to Huck Finn day for Strawberry days. We met up with friends (Dyl and Brett) and cousins (Amber and her kids and Brittany and hers) and we had a blast. Of course the highlight is always the part when they open up the fishing pond for the kids to play in and catch the fish with their hands. Before they do that they have to make sure there are no more fishing lines out in the water so they make all these hundreds of kids wait on the shore line until some guy gives them the OK. Dyl made quite the entrance. He ran out there ahead of all the kids and bellyflopped, fully clothed in the middle of the pond. Entertaining. Pep is getting his molars in so he wasn't overly pleased with anything but Buggy sure enjoyed the water and all the fun.
So here are a few pics of the fun morning.

In other news, AnDee and I got to go on a date to the rodeo. It was a blast to be able to have some one on one time with her. And since Andrew is definitely not a fan of rodeo and Pep just doesn't care, it seemed like a great opportunity. To our pleasant surprise Dyl and Brett where there as well. AnDee loves Brett. He is going to school in Hawaii so she doesn't get to see him very often but she always has a blast with him when he is here. However, Dyl brought a date to the rodeo last night and AnDee was less than happy about it. I have never seen her glare at anyone like that before and she absolutely refused to speak to the poor girl (jealous?) In turn... Dyl was shunned a little as well. She enjoyed herself none the less though. We ate the ever famous strawberries and cream. We cheered and clapped and Brett and AnDee danced and then AnDee talked Brett in to buying her more strawberries and cream  (the girl has got a talent for that kind of stuff) She loved every minute of it. And when I say she loved every minute of it, what I mean is that she loved every minute of it EXCEPT for the calf roping... which made her cry, because it wasn't "berry nice". I love how sweet she is.

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