Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This morning we played outside... like we do pretty much every morning. AnDee's cousin and best friend Jayne came over and they played and played (and yelled at each other a little)

We colored the tramp with side walk chalk

Pep ate dirt clods. (Ok... this was actually last night but he was full on biting chunks out of that thing. what is it with my kids and eating dirt?)

He learned how to climb the ladder to the slide so now he can officially do the slide all by himself. He only fell off the ladder once! .... I am such a bad mom. dirt eating and falling off ladders.  

And then he fell asleep in the swing

And once I finally drug Buggy (kicking and screaming) into the house, she snuck in to the bathroom and put on some "make up"


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  1. Make up and a bee suit! Awesome! And Pep is still alive and not brain damaged, that equals good mom in my book :)