Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So AnDee has had a pretty bad cough and last night she couldn't sleep so I went in her room with her sometime in the early morning hours. Andrew was in with Pep but had to leave for work at like 6:30. I heard the alarm go off but not much else so I just figured Pep was still asleep so I went back to sleep. I woke up about an hour later to Pep sneaking in to AnDee's room to get some toys. Im pretty sure he had been wondering around the house for quite some time. Poor kid. When he saw me sit up he came running to me and just cuddled in my lap for a good long time, like he had been so lonely. If he would just make a little noise or cry like a normal kid these things wouldn't happen!
AnDee's new favorite word is "mystery"
"mom, where did this come from?"
"I don't know Bug."
"Its a mystery!"
This morning we had a water fight with the neighbor kids. Ok.. So I mostly just watched and played ref when things got tense. Its funny cause I LOVE watching all the neighbor kids have such a good time doing the exact same things that I did when I was their age. I love watching them climb the trees and chase the chickens and catch the water snakes. It just reminds me of the awesome childhood I had I guess?
AnDee enjoyed it too and she has made a new friend. Madi is here from Vegas, visiting Gayle. Its fun for AnDee to have some one right next door to play with.

Pep played in the water too.... the proof is in the diaper..

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  1. oh my gosh, they would be total friends. ellie talks about "mysteries" all the time. i can definitely see trouble, though. next time we are there we should get together a big playdate with a ton of kids and moms! that would be awesome!