Friday, June 29, 2012

and last but not least (finally) 30

Lake Powell. Andrews family has had a time share at there for years. Im not gonna lie, its hard with little ones. They don't sleep well, its hot hot hot, you have to watch them EVERY SECOND and reapplying sunscreen does get old after a while. We did have fun though and AnDee collected more shells than should be humanly possible.
 Cruisin on the boat. I don't know if you have ever experienced this but for some reason my babies CAN NOT stay awake on boats.

Swimming. It took the entire 4 days of us being there to finally convince AnDee that her life jacket would not allow her to sink and drown. Literally on the last day, just minutes before we left, she finally trusted us and let go to float on her own. It was a huge victory. Hopefully we can really get her swimming now.

Tubing. AnDee got to ride the tube for the very first time ever... even though I think our top speed was something like 5 mph, she seemed to enjoy it.

Sleep. It was a difficult venture but it was accomplished on rare occasions.

Bow fishing. Thats right Chantal got her very first kill with a bow. Shot that carp right in the spine. Is it dumb that I felt a little bad afterword? Im just not made to kill things for no reason. I feel guilty. (can you see it down the corner?)

Crocodiles. The kids rode one. 

Fire. On the way home we got to drive by 2 of the 6 fires that are burning in Utah right now. Im pretty sure the world is ending.


  1. that looks like so much fun! totally understand what you mean about it being hard, especially about watching them every second. i bet (hope) it gets easier every year - as they get older and understand more. all i know is that i take the kids to the park and i don't get to sit still for a second.

    that picture of those two sleeping is hilarious!!

  2. 30 aye? Does this mean you will never blog again? Because I've highly enjoyed seeing what you guys are up to.
    I think next time I come I should come on Lake Powell timeshare week. It looks like it was way fun :)

  3. The world IS ending, thank goodness, Im ready!!! (hahaa, not really, only if its not slow and painful....) And PS I totally shot a bird, with a gun, on accident once and I still feel bad to this day!!!! That fish is gonna haunt you like my bird has haunted me!!!!!!! AND I love the pictures!!! You guys are so much fun and I wanna do something FOR REALS with you guys this summer just us and the kids!!! (hubbies too!!!) XOXO