Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have been a slacker with the camera lately. I got zero pictures yesterday. My kids are STILL sick (seriously... like 3 weeks of this crud) and we haven't really been doing much that is picture worthy.
Andrew and I however did sneak away to a Real Salt Lake game last night. We used to be season ticket holders (which was a blast) but with the kids and what not, it didn't seem realistic to drop that kind of money in to something like that so we rarely get to go anymore.
What did I notice while I was at this game? A few things. 1) That either I am getting old or people are getting a lot more crude in their language. Seriously.... so many cuss words I was starting to feel sick to my stomach. Not to mention all the alcohol and the trashy dress that was part of the crowd. I was TOTALLY disgusted with the fans at this game. The worst part about it was that they didn't even seem to be there for the game, it was more like they had seen soccer hooligans in europe on tv and wanted to be just like them. As I listened to the comments around me, I found that a very small number of the people there actually had any clue as to how the game should be played. They mostly wanted to yell/throw things at the ref/other team. Ignorance. I do not want people traveling to utah to see that. 2) Im probably going to catch some grief for this but I am not really a RSL fan, or a Liverpool fan Im not really a fan of any team in specific. I am a fan of good soccer. I hate ugly goals and feel like when a team wins off of an ugly goal... they should just willingly forfeit the win cause that is not soccer. There is a reason it is called The Beautiful Game and it is not because Sabario (RSL player) tripped on the ball giving it a wicked spin that made it bounce WAY weird in to the goal. Thats ugly and embarrassing and NO ONE should be cheering about it. Hence the fact that I can however actually call myself a Barca fan. THAT is what soccer should look like. Makes me happy just thinking about it. 3) I literally get embarrassed by poor sportsmanship, even when its someone I don't know that is acting poorly. It takes so much away from sports when people get that petty. Do people really want future generations learning that kind of stuff? I am so glad my kids weren't at that game. I don't ever want them to see that kind of behavior and think its ok.

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