Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Question for all you moms

So for about a month AnDee (all on her own accord) has been going potty on the big potty every night but she isn't showing any interest during the day. Should I start putting her on a schedule and make her try to go every so often? I'm only hesitating because I'm having a baby in less than 3 months and I don't want to make a bunch of progress with it and have it all go down the toilet (pun totally intended) when the new kid comes in and disrupts her world. Advice please?


  1. Just keep letting her do her thing. She'll learn in time. Really. I feel like I pushed Jordyn to much. When I gave up and decided that she would learn eventually she started doing great.

  2. Definitely just let her do her thing. I push Emma and Liam and had both of them regress when younger siblings were born. Way too much work. Fox will be going when ever he dang well wants too. I don't care if he's four and still not potty trained -okay, really I do- but it's not worth it to push them. All kids go through a sort of discovery stage, where they first are interested in the potty. Some go straight into being ready for full blown potty training, and some decided they are not interested any more. I would let her go whenever she wants and just wait until she is ready for full blown potty training. :) There, now that I've written a novel I am done. :D

  3. Let her do her own thing. You'll both just get frustrated if you push her (especially if she is at all strong willed) My motto was- as long as they are trained before kindergarten, who cares :) Make life easier on the both of you. She's smart, when she decides, it won't take long. xoxoxox