Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our little Pep

So I have been debating about blogging about this. I don't know if everyone needs or even wants to hear about it but since I have decided to make a book out of my blog (a genius idea brought to my attention by Mindy. Thank you mindy!) it's kind of turned in to a bit of a journal for my little family and this is something I'd like to remember.
For those of you who remember, AnDee Lew wasn't given a name until she was about a day old. Andrew was determined he had to see her before we could even really discuss names. Luckily her name turned out to be quite meaningful. With this baby, the story was much the same. I would throw a name out and Andrew would all but ignore me. (drove me crazy!)
Well... Because I struggle a lot with more things than I like to admit, I am constantly praying for guidance, especially as a mom. For a long time the name Joseph kept lingering in my thoughts, but I kept pushing it out. You see the name doesn't bother me, it's just not really my style. But this name was haunting me! I couldn't get it out of my head and so I started to really think about the name itself. What does it mean? Joseph is a Hebrew name meaning: God will increase. Now let's go to the bible and list a couple of the men named Joseph. We have the Joseph of the Old Testament. The son of Jacob sold into Egypt by his brothers which led to his eventual saving of a nation through the gifts God had blessed him with. A good man? Yes. Would I want my son to be like this man? Most definitely.
Now we have the Joseph of the New Testament. Joseph, the husband of Mary and earthly father of our Savior. He was visited by a messenger from God and instructed to wed a woman who was a carrying a child that was not his. Without question he took the child upon himself. He was called of God to raise Jesus Christ!!! What a honor but what a responsibility! A good man? Undoubtedly. Would I want my son to be like this man. Nothing would make me more happy.
Now let's talk about another great Joseph. That is Joseph Smith. What 14 year old posseses such great faith and such wisdom? I would be so lost without this mans hard work and diligence. I, and so many others owe so much to him. His lifes work is as great as any, except for Christs. Truly a man of God. Was he a good man? One of the very best! Would I want my son to be like him? I could only hope!
So there it was... In my opinion some of the greatest men in the entire history of our world have carried the name Joseph. I should be honored to name my son after such powerful people.
Ok so... I was feeling... inspired?.... I guess more like instructed to name my baby boy Joseph. That didn't change the way Andrew felt about naming our children before their birth. I guess I would just have to wait until the little guy got here and then explain the situation to Andrew?
On our way home from our trip to Bear Lake for New Years Eve, Andrew and I were just discussing the bible and some things he and his brothers had talked about. I decided to just throw it out there,
"So I was thinking about the name Joseph"
"Oh yeah? What about it"
"Well I was just thinking about the men in history but especially in religious history named Joseph and I was just thinking that next to Jesus Christ it might be one of the strongest most important names there has ever been"
and then Andrew surprised me with this...
"Thats what you are going to name him, isn't it?"
I stammered a little
"Well.... I don't know. Is that what YOU are going to name him"
and here it was...
So now I think he is messing with me. Maybe he just got sick of me throwing names at him so he was just trying to get me to give up?
"Whatever... I dont believe you"
"Why not?!"
"Cause you have been SOOO determined not to name him until he gets here"
"I know, but I am serious. That is supposed to be his name"
"Really? When did you decide this?"
"Last night. While I was talking to my brothers all the sudden I just knew that was his name." (Andrew had spent hours the night before discussing deep doctrine, that is way over my head, with his brothers)
So there it is. A name I never would have even considered on my own. Im not sure the purpose of it or even if there is a significant purpose but our little boy has a name and it is Joseph! We call him Pep. AnDee likes to squish baby Pep and tell him to come out. Mom is not ready for him to come out yet but at least I know who it is that will be coming when we are ready :)


  1. Joseph is a great name! You're right, its not one that I would have guessed you would choose, but I like it! We all name our kids thing we never would have imagined earlier in life (Fox..ahem), but they are just right for our kids. Clearly this little boy wants to be named that. Although Pep is good too ;)

  2. When I was young (and stupider) I liked the name Gates...for a girl. That's because Dr. Crusher's real name is Gates Mcfadden (from Star Trek). I thought it was super cool! D.O.R.K. Anyway, now I like names like Samuel and Eli for boys. (P.S. This is not an annoucement, but one day I want a son and he'll have a "sensible" name.) Cool Story!

  3. I do believe that is how a baby's name should come to be - a bit of compromising, a bit of study, and a LOT of inspiration. I have a soft spot in my heart for the name Joseph, not only for the great reasons you site, but because it is a heavy family name on my mom's side :)I love it! Pep, now on the other hand..... I need to hear the story behind it!

  4. I LOVE JOSEPH sooooo much, wanna know why? Cause its totally gonna be him! And Pep is perfect! ( & easy for AnDee to say!)I am happy you are doing your blog as a journal, it is going to be amazing when you and the kids look back on it!
    YAY for us and our blogs! I love to keep in touch with you guys so much!

  5. i had no idea how hard naming a child would be. when i was younger and had all those dream names i didn't really think about having to pick something that both the husband and i would like - which really narrowed it down a lot!
    your family is so cute. i can't believe how big she is! can't wait to see pep. :)