Monday, January 17, 2011

A little update (warning: excessive bragging)

AnDee is growing up so fast it's scary. No seriously, sometimes I panic a little if I think about it too much. Kinda like when you think to much about the end of the world... Yeah... Same idea. Anyway, as of late she has gone from being able to count to 6 on her own to 10. Except sometimes she skips five, why five gets forgotten, I'm not quite sure. She is a summersault maniac and we recently started taking her to a gymnastics class where she rocks everyones world with her ability to walk on the balance beam by herself. I'm pretty sure she is the youngest kid in the class but she puts those other kids to shame! (proud mother? Yes! Bragging much?.. Again, yes!!)
She has also taken up singing and it's always entertaining to listen/watch her sing. She is mastering her AbC's though which is yet again another amazing accomplishment :)
Coloring has become an obsession. One which mom isn't a real fan. She likes to sneak away with a marker or crayon and color on her toys, the walls, ect.
She is a chatter box and is constantly giving me lip! I'm not gonna lie though it mostly just cracks me up. She is a blast and I love love love being her mom! It's crazy to think she is already 19 months old! She is one cool cat!


  1. One cool cat? are you surprised? Look who her parents are! :) xoxoxox