Saturday, January 8, 2011

A little late

I realize that we are now 8 days into the new year, but 2010 was a SUCH a great year for us. We have been super blessed with amazing health. We really haven't even had any major colds or anything (knock on wood) Andrew has done So well at work and in the last year and a half has received 2 major promotions. He is incredible. He has also been very successful in school. I don't know how he does it all. AnDee Lew is the smartest most healthy little girl in town. She is only 19 months old (yes I am bragging a little) and can count to 6 all on her own, can do a lot of the alphabet, knows more animal sounds and names than I did until we started working on them together, She kneels, folds her arms and "prays" all on her own. She says the most hilarious things and is constantly making me laugh. We are so lucky that on top of all this she is sweet and sensitive and just wants everyone to be happy.
This year we have also been blessed with the news that we are having a baby boy! This was such a miracle and brought lots of tears of joy.
I feel like I am rambling but my point is, we are so blessed and we are so grateful. Happy 2011! I realize how fortunate I am to say I am sad to see 2010 go. We have had so many friends and family who really struggled through last year.
For New Years Eve my brother was nice enough to let the Naugle family stay at his cabin up at Bear Lake. We thought this would be a last little trip with the entire fam before Jake leaves on his mission. We only spent  a couple of days and it was FREEZING! ( I think the high we reached was about 9 degrees) but it was good to be there with everyone and we spent a lot of time discussing the gospel. I did however brave the cold a couple of times to take AnDee sledding. She is a nut. I swear she doesn't feel the cold.

here are a few random pics from the last week or so...

This one is my favorite. Really it should have its own post. This depicts AnDee almost perfectly, wearing Dads boots and carrying a dirty sock. Not to mention the fact that her onesie is filthy and that she had refused wearing any other clothes all day. She is the coolest.

I wish I had more pics of Andrew. Im pretty sure he sneaks on to the camera and deletes them.
I happy New Year to you all!


  1. AnDee is such a doll :) and smart!! She learns so much because she is taught so well. I love how she has her own sense of style and silliness too.
    What great parents you and Andrew are. And by the way- are you gorgeous or what? Love that picture of you with the blue, blue eyes. love you too xoxoxoxo
    ps- save the dirty sock/daddy's boot picture for future embarrassment :) It will be perfect for a YW spotlight :D

  2. LOL!! That is the coolest kid ever!! Awesome! She is one beautiful little girl also. Really, she's going to grow up into a knockout. I love the pictures of you and her. They are dang cute! I love it!

  3. Oh, PS- (don't think I'm a jerk of a friend since I didn't do this earlier...) Thank you so much for the honey!! You are the best fantastic friend! (And not just because you sent me honey...although that helped ;) jk) It was the thickest honey I have ever seen, and extra delicious! It is gone now. It was extra good. ahem. And I may or may not brag that to people that I have a friend that raises bees, in a bee hive, and harvests the honey... :)
    Thanks again!!

  4. I LOVE THE SLEDDING PIC and the Boots and dirty sock pic AND the pics of you and her!!! I love em all! And I loved seeing you guys yesterday! Your belly is so cute and you look GREAT! And I am so in love with your cute blog and love hearing about you guys!!! I could not stop starring at AnDee yeasterday because she seriously looks like a DOLL!!! :) Love her!