Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We like to call him "THE ROCK"

Have you ever met a young person you were totally impressed with? Like a teenager that made you think to yourself "this kid has really got it all together"?
Well if you haven't... Let me introduce you to this young man
Jacob Wendall Naugle
Jacob entered the MTC today and soon will be headed to Brazil for a couple of years. On our way home from his being set apart last night Andrew and I were discussing what makes Jake's situation different than the other missionaries we have been a part of sending off. This is the conclusion we came to..
Jake leaves one with total peace of mind. Never have I seen a 19 year old so solid in his faith and so ready to serve the Lord. Not only does he know the scriptures inside and out he is mature and totally capable of taking care of himself, physically as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He truly is as solid as a rock. Don't get me wrong I have had some family members and friends go out that I knew would be amazing missionaries but with everyone of them there has been a little worry and a little sadness with sending them off. Not with Jake. He will be missed, especially by AnDee who has attached herself to him in the last few weeks (I think little ones have a sixth sense about future missionaries) but the excitement that radiated from him made it impossible to feel sad about his leaving. He is leaving with a testimony and wisdom that it takes most missionaries two years in the field to develop. He knows how to work and he loves the Gospel. This kid was born for this! I am excited but slightly intimidated to see the person he comes back as. Oh how I hope with everything in me that I can raise my children to have the faith and desire that Jake does. Good luck Jacob! Not that you will need it!


  1. Thanks for posting this Chana! Jake is an amazing kid, who will come home an amazing man :) Your pictures brought back memories of sending my missionaries off. What a great two years your family will have! Keep us informed of all his adventures please xoxoxox

  2. OH :'( That last picture of AnDee is a heart breaker. Jake is awesome! He always has been. Its going to be amazing to see what he comes back like. I'm so excited for him to go. We get to be around the missionaries out here quite often. They make me so happy. They have amazing testimonies and every time I see them all I can think is 'man, they are only 19.' They seem to exceed their age in maturity by years. Jake already is extremely mature. He is going to be unstoppable :)

  3. Oh this makes me miss him already! I miss his posts on FB already in fact! He is such a sweet, strong spirited kid!!!! Thank u for this post! I wish i could transfer it right to my blog cause you said it so perfect!

  4. By the way, your camera and skills with it are awesome!!!