Friday, February 4, 2011

The things she says

The other day Andrew was in the bathroom. AnDee ran up and knocked on the door
"dada, potty on toilet"
"uh... Yup"
"oh!!! Big girl!!!"

Tonight she told me she was washing her hair with "shampoop"

Every time she burps she says "oops! Gooz mees!" (excuse me)

She likes to poke her babies in the eyes and then she tells me "oh baby said, she cry!"

When we read books if we finish the book or she thinks the book is too long she will say "Amen!" and push it shut.

She has also started to barter with me. We have a limit on get tv time and when it's up she will ask for "just one more mouse." (Mickey of course) while holding up her finger and looking oh so serious.

She entertains me and I love her for it!


  1. haha oh my those are so cute! my favorite is definitely the "amen!" i think i might borrow that one :)

  2. You gotta love what kids come up with and how quick they learn to barter for what they want. And I agree with AnDee- I always knew Andrew was a "big girl" ;) love you all :)

  3. Hahahahahaha!! Big girl...Wahahahaha