Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Single digits

7 weeks. I have exactly 7 weeks left. Why oh why do the last weeks of pregnancy drag on so long? Actually, the truth is that I have very mixed emotions right now. I'm down to the last weeks, finally in the single digits. What a relief it will be to have my body back. What a joy it will be to have a new baby!! But.... This also means I only have 7 weeks left with just my baby girl. This makes me sad. Really sad. I hate that I'm counting down the weeks until this baby comes because that also means I'm wishing away some very precious moments with my little Bug. So I'm trying to slow down. Trying to enjoy and trying not to be anxious. I have decided that I really want to remember these last few weeks of being a Mom to just one so I'm going to be doing a lot of posting. A lot of what I post probably won't mean anything to anyone else but for my own emotional stability I think I need to write down the little things.
We took Bug to Cabelas on Monday to see the fish and all the animals. In true Buggy character she was amused by those things but when she saw the airplane (aka: cockie) hanging from the cealing, she was AMAZED. The rest of the day she obsessed over it. I love that my baby girl loves helicopters and airplanes. She is just cool. Her other obsessions come and go but not this one. I'm afraid airplanes and helicopters might be here to stay. I'm already dreaming of the coolest helicopter birthday party ever! I'm glad I don't have to dream up a princess party (knock on wood)


  1. I know what your saying!!! I am bummed to not have one on one time anymore! Its going to be soooo strange! I LOVE that AnDee Loves "cockies"! Presley will stop everything if we are outside and hears an airplane-but she is not nearly as into it as your squirt! I love that!! I am looking forward to more posts from you!!! Its so important to record all these little things cause we never get them back!! And with Joseph and Charlotte it will be different! Different kids with different things they do and say! Im glad I get to hear about it!!!! :)

  2. AnDee is so darn cute! She will make THE BEST big sister :) I loved Brad even more when Lisa came along and he was so good with her. You see them in a whole new way. You'll love having two little ones and watch them interact with each other. It will be amazing, you'll see. xoxoxox