Tuesday, February 8, 2011


AnDee Lew apologized to a drop of water after it dripped from the roof and landed on her head "Oh! Sorry!" she said :)
A few weeks ago we were on a walk with her Nana (yes in the freezing cold) and she asked to get out of her stroller and walk. When I set her down she took off running down the sidewalk. I finally got her attention and was in the process of explaining to her that she had to stay right by me or a car would get her when a huge diesel truck that was extremely loud came around the corner and scared the wee wee outta her. It couldn't have been more perfect timing. Is it bad that I was happy about this? Now every time a car comes down our road she runs screaming to me that the car is gonna get her. I feel like this is a very healthy fear. :)


  1. I AGREE! Sometimes those are the best most opportunive teaching moments....(is opportunive a word? I think it sounds good.) Anyways! I love it! I love these little posts of "AnDee-isms!" I LOVE HER!!!! And I cant wait to meet her bro! -Can we please have a huge party this summer when babies are out and we are free?!

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