Thursday, February 24, 2011

Watching my mouth

Buggy has started to copy everything we say. When I say "everything" what I actually mean is that she picks out all the not nice things we say to copy. In the last few days she has picked up "crap, retarded, and (my favorite) I beat you!" she tells me she's gonna beat me. Lovely. Having a copy cat really makes you rethink just how clean your mouth really is. I guess I should be happy she hasn't picked up any cuss words. I have to tell her all the time how naughty mama is for saying those things.


  1. oh dear. don't remind me of what i have to look forward to!

  2. Fox doesn't talk yet. But I tell the kids I'm going to beat them all the time then say "beat, beat, beat," While waving my fist up and down. Fox totally picked up on the fist thing and now walks around "beating" people...awesome :)