Friday, January 11, 2013


So right up the road from our house we have this cool old school that they used to educate the savage (joke) Native Americans. In the school yard there is a big steep hill... PERFECT for sledding on. So many kids sled on it that its just one solid sheet of ice. Its pretty awesome. I would have lived on that hill during the winters when I as a kid.
We decided to take the kids up there for a morning of sledding a few weeks ago. AnDee couldn't have been any happier. The kid was in heaven! Pep however, got a face full of snow on his first trip down and never let it go. He was a grump about it the rest of the time we were there.
I heart sledding... even if the bumps made me feel like I was going to deliver this baby far too soon.

 Yes.. I did trek my large prego body up that hill over and over and over again. Wasn't easy.
 This is what AnDee resorted to..
 It actually worked pretty well for her. She could slide to the very bottom at a decent speed. I was impressed.

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  1. I wish we would have had a hill like that nearby. Except then we wouldn't have awesome experiences of knocking elk heads out of garbage cans. :)