Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Pep Boy

This kid is a delight 99.8% of the time. He can have quite the little attitude that other .2% though. Its mostly humorous at this point when he starts getting attitude but Im sure it wont be so funny in a few years.
He is starting to put sentences together now and I love how excited he gets over being able to communicate so well. He likes to use his communication skills to boss me around though. He "shooshes" us on a regular basis and gets fairly angry when we don't oblige.  He gets mad when I don't fold my arms the correct way during prayers and he likes to chime in every time AnDee is getting a "talking to"
He has become an expert in animals and their sounds. He even knows that camels carry water in their humps so they don't need to drink very often. One of his absolute favorite games right now is "guess what I am" He will crawl around on the floor pretending to be an animal and you have to guess what he is. His favorite animal to imitate is a frog which apparently says "oooo-deee!"
He has taken a liking to his sisters singing and has become quite the little singer himself. I LOVE listening to him sing. Cant understand a ding-dang word but he belts that jibberish like there is no tomorrow!
The Boy is starting to connect that there is actually a baby in Moms tummy. He will see pics of babies and get all excited, point to my belly and say "baby!!!"
He is OCD in a lot of ways. I think I have mentioned that he keeps his room spotless. Well he also cannot stand having messy hands or a messy face and for some reason having doors open drives him crazy! He runs through the house about 100 times a day and shuts all the doors. He really loves to run in circles around our living room and kitchen. He does about 600 laps a day doing this and when he does, he has to run by the pantry door. We really like to mess with him when he does this... We will leave the door shut for about 5-6 laps and then crack it just an itty-bitty bit but he catches it every time and has to stop and shut it. He doesn't ever miss it! Its so crazy and totally hilarious.
He is still totally obsessed with trains. Every where he goes, he has a train in his hand. He sometimes talks in his sleep and when he does it only involves three things. Mama, choo-choos and ba-bas. Its super funny when he yells choo-choo in the middle of the night.
He likes to call Nanny and Poppy. Anything he can use as a phone will suffice. Last night it was one of AnDee's dress up shoes and a few days ago it was a wafer cooking. Its always "Hello Poppy!" or "Oh HI Nana!"
Remember AnDee's hand stands? This is how Pep does it.

He loves to listen to his sister read. She tells the best stories and he always listens so intently.

He also has a strange obsession with his parents shoes and his Dads hats. My high heels seem to be a favorite because they make the most noise when he walks. And seeing as I literally never wear them... at least they are being put to use, right?
A couple of days ago I was looking through one of those little board books with him and he was telling me all the names of everything he saw. Bet you cant guess what this is? If you think its a clown you are wrong.

As soon as I opened this page he got a little excited and said "Um... GRAMMA!!"
In all fairness he's not that far off. I mean think about how old ladies do their hair and their crazy bright lipstick. He has a point.
He is an amazing sleeper and loves bath time. Half the time I cant get him to get out of the tub so I will drain all the water. He will stay in there until every last bit of water is gone and he is laying on the bottom of the tub, freezing. His favorite snack right now is "yogek" (yogurt) He downs insane amounts of yogurt daily.  He loves his puppies and is always covered in dog hair... which makes me want to puke
He is adorable and sweet and cuddly and SO MUCH FUN! I adore every minute I spend with him, even when he is yelling "please" at me, like its a requirement for me to obey when he says it. He keeps me laughing all day.

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  1. He hair is freaking awesome! He's so dang cute. I miss having one that age where they are just starting to talk. That's one of the best stages.