Monday, January 28, 2013

Worst Day Ever??

So let me tell you about our awesome day a few weeks ago. Before I do so though, I need to preface it with this...
When my parents got there call they were trying to find places for all their things. Their car being one of them. We (cause we are SO generous) offered (ok...maybe we asked?) to take their car off of their hands. Our plan was to sale our Denali and drive their car while they are gone so we can pay off our student loans with the money we would have been putting in to a car payment.
The very first time we pulled my moms car out of the garage it was having problems. Lots of rattling and it even died once.
Jumping back to my original story of the worst day ever...
It was Monday morning, Pam was on her way down to our house for AnDee's very first day of preschool with her Grandma. The plan was that I was going to leave AnDee with Pam for school, take Pep up to Andrew at work and then head to my OB appointment. And then I got the call... Pams truck had broken down and she needed me to come get her. It was 9:30, my appointment was at 10 in Provo. I was going to be late, end of story. Lucky for me Andrew called and made the Doctors office aware of the situation. I finally found Pam on the side of the freeway, just past the Spanish Fork exit. She had called AAA and they were sending a tow truck and she felt like she needed to stay with the truck so she didn't really need me after all. At this point I have about 10 min to get to my appointment (if I were to get there on time) So I ran down to the next exit, jumped off, turned around and got right back on the freeway headed to Andrews work to drop the kids off to him. (lets not forget that this was supposed to be AnDee's first day of school. She was devastated!) I made pretty good time, dropped them off and headed back up the hill on University Avenue to my appointment. About half way up the hill I noticed there was something strange going on with the car. By the time I reached State Street I was starting to think I wasn't going to make it. I stopped at the light and when it changed I pushed on the gas to go right??? Nope. The engine revved way up but no movement. Then suddenly it slammed in to gear and I peeled out but couldn't go any faster than 20 mph and my rpms were skyrocketing. Some how... beyond me, I made it to my Doctors office before the car completely gave up. After my appointment, I called Andrew for help and he tells me to try and take back roads and go nice and slow. He would have come to me but he had the kids and no car seats. So I got in the car and gave it a try but to no avail. The car was done. So I thought it might be time to inform my parents that in less than I week I had managed to destroy their vehicle completely. I didn't get an answer from my Dad so I tried my mom (yes, they still had their cell phones in the MTC) She was not only gracious about the whole situation but offered to come get me, they had their own truck still and she was at the MTC, just minutes away. Lucky for me they didn't have room for her in the class she was supposed to be in so she was completely available.
A few short minutes later, there was my mom to rescue me from the situation. Unfortunately she pulled in to the wrong parking lot and had to back out and come back to the lot I was in. We both got out and were in the process of moving the car seats so that we could transport the children to our home when an old woman started yelling at my mom. Apparently while my mom was turning around she hit someones car. We were not aware of this and there were zero marks on our vehicle to prove it but the old lady was fuming! So my mom went in to the building and inquired about whose car it might be so she can resolve the situation. The problem being that the car had been hit but it was an old accident that hadn't been repaired so there were dents and scratches that made it completely impossible to tell if my mom had actually hit her or not. They exchanged information and we finally headed to get the kids and go home!
The whole morning was a total mess and I didn't want to go anywhere ever again for a while. BUT.. my kids had a blast at work with Dad. They got to watch cartoons on the iPad and eat tons of candy and then they got to see Nanny when we were under the impression that we wouldn't be seeing her for a very long time.

Im so grateful my mom was available to come help me. I don't know what I would have done without her!
oh and for anyone who is curious... we had to replace the transmission on my parents car completely. The thing was shot. Pams truck had to have to transfer case completely replaced and so far I haven't heard any updates on the little "hit and run" my mom tried to get away with ;)


  1. Holy Smokes! Yeah, that is a pretty horrible day! I'm sorry! I hate car troubles!!

  2. ohmyheck! If this wasn't the saddest story I've heard in a long time~ it would be the funniest story. Seriously, who has all these crazy things happen to them in one day? But I do believe that your mom was available to come and get you must be one of the sweetest "tender mercies" I've ever heard of. Who else could have made you feel more loved? and taken care of? nobody like your mom. <3 Here's to better days! xoxoxo