Friday, January 11, 2013

So here is another post of just random stuff I have missed. We have been busy... Ill get to the details on that later but here are a few of the things we have been busy with
(All of these pics were taken on the cell phone... quality is less than desirable)

We had a little get together with the old "soccer fam" We went to Provo Beach Resort and played games and had pizza and ice cream. This is the ONLY pic I got... which doesn't even include any of our happy soccer family but it does show how serious Pep is about driving.

This is our balance board. We had a friend give it to us for Christmas a few years ago. Its actually pretty cool but it has kind of been forgotten about in the last year or so. Im not sure if you can see but its just a little board that you run over a tube and you try to get the board up off the floor and balance... its supposed to make you use the same muscles you would use to surf. Anyway... AnDee has become pretty stinking good at it, and the best part is that we haven't had any serious injuries.... yet.

So... as you know, we have been sick a lot lately. (Pep is still getting over an ear infection) And after a lot of praying and contemplating we felt like some of our problem is the way we eat. I feel like we get to much junk from the manufacturers and not enough nutrition from fruits and veggies and such. So we are trying to change things. We have been doing our best to cut out anything processed. Its hard... really hard but we are finding some recipes that are actually quite delicious. The one pictured below is a pancake made with whole wheat (sprouted flour) and greek yogurt. They are truly  delicious. Im super picky about what I eat so you can trust me. 
As you can see Andrew got really creative and made a polka-dotty dinosaur for Buggy and then he attempted a train for Pep... it didn't turn out quite as nice but it still tasted good.

This has become a favorite  game at our house. We have been trapped in the house WAY too much lately with being sick and with all the snow, so when Dad gets home, the kids are ready for some action. AnDee latches on to Andrew and Pep sits on AnDee. Im not sure how AnDee hangs on for as long as she does but this game goes on and on and on.

Yesterday was warm... like really warm. (ok so it was like 35 degrees but seeing as we haven't reached anything above about 15 in the last 2 weeks it seemed SUPER warm) We had about a foot of snow but the warm weather melted about 4-5 inches of it. This morning we woke up to this...

We got a foot of fresh new snow on top of what we already had. When I went for a little trek through our back yard this morning the snow came up to my knees. My kids love it but hate it at the same time. They cant walk through it and it makes them fairly frustrated. Its supposed to continue snowing through tomorrow... could make for a lot more days stuck in the house. 

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