Sunday, January 20, 2013

So Long! Farewell!

This post is far overdue. Ill be honest, Ive struggled a little with my parents leaving this time and Im just now to a point where I don't want to burst in to tears just thinking about their  absence. Don't get me wrong, I missed my parents when they left for Africa, but I was in a completely different place in my life. I had no kids, I was playing endless amounts of soccer and Andrew and I were pretty much just doing what we wanted, when we wanted to. To sum it up... I was extremely selfish and self absorbed at that time in my life so it didn't take me very long to get lost in myself after they left. This time however, I have kids, Im VERY pregnant and extremely emotional. I miss them terribly. I feel lonely and have even had moments where I dont want to be in Payson anymore, I want to go back to Pleasant Grove where I feel comfortable and where I "belong". This pregnancy has by far been the worst as far as being emotional goes. Ill get control of myself... eventually.
Im pretty sure the most difficult part has been the absence of my parents in my kids' lives. I LOVE watching my kids interact with my parents and I love seeing the different relationships they have. AnDee knows just how to make my mom act like a goofball and Pep and my dad are best buds. Im sad they will miss the first 18 months of this new babies life BUT I am so glad they chose to serve another mission. Not very many couples get to serve two full-time, foreign missions. Its pretty stinking cool and Im jealous of all the cool things they are getting to experience.
On the plus side, they are senior missionaries, which essentially means that they can do what they want (ok... maybe not completely... but much more so than the young Elders and Sisters) They can call whenever they want and they can even come home on the weekends if they could find a way to pull it off (but seeing as the flight alone would take them the entire weekend, that wouldn't make much sense)
So last night we got to FaceTime with them for a bit! It was good to see them and it left me with a little bit better attitude. (Ive been a feeling-sorry-for-myself grump lately)
The only pics we got of the big goodbye where, as always, on the phone and they are awful... like really poor quality but we take what we can get around here.

One very cool side note: at one point The Timp 3rd Ward Missionary Board looked like this..

Its hard to see, I realize this so I will explain. In the top left corner we have Elder Jacob Wendall Naugle serving in the Belo Horizonte, Brazil mission. In the top right corner we have Elder Stephen Page Naugle serving in the Florianopolis, Brazil mission and on the bottom row in the middle-right spot we have Elder Lewis Ned Cowley and Sister Marylynn Cowley serving in the Hong Kong, China mission. At one point my kids had 4 close family members serving full time missions for the same ward. We are super lucky to have such awesome people in our lives! 


  1. This is why I'm glad I'm the oldest. By the time my parents go I hope I'm at a state in my life where I don't need my mommy everyday. I doubt that will ever happen but I can hope. It is pretty darn cool though that they have went on two really awesome missions. I don't know of anybody who can say that, it's awesome!

  2. I kinda feel your pain, kinda. I miss having my kids interact with my mom and dad. I'm okay with talking on the phone with them, but watching my parents play and tease and laugh with the kids, that's the hardest part when we have to leave. :) Still it's pretty cool that they're going to China! And maybe when they come back they'll know how to make some awesome Chinese food :)