Wednesday, January 30, 2013

AnDee Overload

Ok... I feel like a horrible mother. I have about a million pictures of AnDee for todays post and approximately 1 of Pep. Poor Pep. So, the plan is for this post to be all about Bug and then we will dedicate a post all to Pep soon.
Not sure if you remember but a few posts ago I talked about how we went to Provo Beach Resort with the soccer fam and I thought we had only gotten one picture? That was a lie. Andrew got a few more with his phone. They are poor quality (like always) but he got some sweet action shots of AnDee riding the carousel. Cause why would you sit on the horse? Pretty sure the best part of this is Dave's facial expression.

Such a good example..

 Dancing Queen! This girl spends way too much time watching youtube videos of ballerinas. She gets all dressed up and dances with them. TOO DANG CUTE!

 I know this pic is horrible but I like it..

and this is how Pep feels about all the ballet junk...

The girl is also a big fan of handstands lately. The most impressive part is that she actually does a handstand, not a headstand.

So I was at a primary meeting a couple weeks ago and when I came home I found Andrew sitting on the couch with the kids watching a movie while he was doing homework. Everything seemed so orderly with both kids resting their heads on their Dads shoulders. But then I discovered this...

Andrew was very involved in his homework and apparently didn't notice that AnDee had a stamp in her hands. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but she tends to kind of get sucked in to the T.V. when its on and doesn't pay much attention to what she is doing. 

Last week before church Buggy saw me straightening my hair. So of course she wanted hers done. Im not sure how I feel about straightening a 3 year olds hair but she was sure pleased with it.

In more exciting news, AnDee has FINALLY graduated from nursery and is now a full blown Sunbeam!! The down side to this is that primary takes place at the exact time that she would be napping on any other day. She does SO good though and is very involved and loves to answer questions and help in the lessons. 

Preschool with Grandma is going really well. She doesn't fight her Grandma about it like she did me so that is nice. The day before she was supposed to start school Andrew sat down with her to have a talk about how if she could listen and try hard she would be able to read and write and do all sorts of big kid stuff but if she couldn't listen and learn that Grandma would stop coming because we weren't going to fight her about it.
"So can you do that? Can you listen and learn?" He asked.
"Well... Im not very good and listening and learning," she said. "but I am really good at faking it"
Its true... she is good and faking things. Little stink.

She has developed a new fascination for Dinosaurs as of late and has decided that she wants to "dig up dinosaur bones" when she gets big. She loves to look through her dinosaur book and learn all the names. (which I cant even pronounce 90% of the time. Im gonna have to start educating myself about the dino world I suppose)

She is still SO good about helping me around the house. I am slowing down a lot with the last few weeks of this pregnancy and if I tell her that Im not feeling very good she jumps right up and starts cleaning the house for me. She is such a gem.
While cleaning her room a while back she found a Q-tip on the floor. "Here Mommy! I found a cutie stick for you!" she was all excited about her "cutie stick". She says the most entertaining things. I love just listening to her talk. She tells all sorts of outlandish stories about what her and her friends did "one time when they were little"

I love love love this girl. Im so excited for baby "pokey" to come so she can be the little Mommy she is dreaming of being. She is such a good big sister to Pep already. 

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  1. First off, your kid is ridiculously gorgeous, and I may or may not be coveting her hair. Second, I'm pretty sure she's stronger than I ever have been (which isn't to hard to beat), I've never been able to do a hand stand. Third "I'm pretty good at faking it?" Oh. My. Heck! That is hilarious! Fourth, Fox is in Sunbeams this year too! AnDee seems much bigger to me than Fox. And fifth, I miss you guys, and wish we lived closer so I could get to know your ridiculously cute kids. Now I'm going to try and publish this, and going to be very angry if it doesn't work, because I don't want to type all of that of again (on he iPad).