Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Crazy Crazy Christmas Time!

After spending a crazy week up in good ol' PG, we were tired, and sick and sick and tired of being that way so Daddy put his foot down and told the Grandparents that we would be staying home for Christmas Day this year. Grandma Naugle wasn't overly happy about this (in fact I think she thought she was going to convince us to stay the night at her house on Christmas ever) Every year since Andrew and I have been together... even when we were dating, we have spent Christmas morning with his family at their house. The Cowley side does things a little differently. Since I am the youngest and all of my siblings were married and had children before I even got married, my parents quickly decided that it made more sense for them to come to everyone else rather than to have to tear all the kids away from their Christmas gifts. So my amazing parents spend every Christmas traveling from Logan to Payson to visit every family and give the kids their gifts. But Andrew is the oldest child in his family so Pam is used to everyone being at her house for Christmas. With Stevie being on his mission I think her world is changing a lot and its hard for her... and we, sadly, are not helping. But she was a good sport about it and she and Steve and Jake all made the trip to our house to see us on. It was so nice to see everyone and to get to just be at home and play and be our own little family.
We got to see Dave and Dyl on Christmas Eve Eve. (yes... its like holiday in our house) They came over for a 'late night' and we built our lego train track and played games until well after bedtime. We are too lucky to have such awesome friends... who are really more like family.
On Christmas Eve Uncle Stevie called home from Brazil and we even got to see him on Skype for a while. It was fun to see his ever happy face and for the kids to get to interact with him a little. We spent all day at Grandma Naugle's and had a Christmas Eve dinner with the family.
Christmas was a blast. So relaxed and just plane fun. AnDee and Pep scored big time (actually all of us scored big time) Santa brought a kitchen set and a rocking (spring??) horse and mom and dad got a baby (and accessories) for Bug and lots of car and train things for Pep. The Grandparents were all too generous as always and Pep got a little tractor that he can ride on from Nana and Poppy and a remote control train from Grandma and Grandpa and AnDee got a ridiculous amount of dress ups from Nanny and Poppy and little Leap pad lap top from Grandma and Grandpa. As I am every year Im totally overwhelmed by the amount of gifts we all received. Saying we are "blessed" would be a gross understatement.
I got very few pictures this year... I have been so bad about that lately but here are a few
 Team work. Pep likes to pull down on the legs while AnDee rides to give her a little extra bounce.... she really gets going sometimes

 This is Peps side of the kitchen set. Its the manly side, complete with grill
 And this is our little homemakers side. She has become quite the little mommy.

We are so grateful for the Gospel and of course our Savior. We try very hard to remind the kids about Jesus and Christmas being his day. I hope that they are really understanding. It is so easy to lose Christ in all the toys.

P.S. As a super extra surprise, Andrew printed my blog into books! They are beautiful and I love them. Makes me feel like I am actually "journaling" like I should be.


  1. Andrew wins the award for best husband ever! What a good gift and where did he get it done? I really want to do that someday soon.

    I'm also jealous of AnDee's awesome Christmas day outfit. She'll look back on pictures and probably think it was the best Christmas ever because she didn't have to go anywhere and got to wear a tutu all day.

  2. I to would love to know how he did that???