Monday, July 1, 2013

Strawberry Days

Pep was sick. He had a fever and was just off in general. We took the trailer up to Pam's (because there is no room in their house for us) and had planned on staying all weekend starting Thursday. We went to the rodeo that night but the poor boy was just out of it. He was burning up and just not having fun. We lasted about an hour before we decided to let him go back to home base and rest. Lucky for AnDee, Pam and Steve were there and so she got to stay for the whole thing! It was such a late night.  Fortunately despite being sick, Pep slept all night and so did the other two. Unfortunately I dont sleep well with sprinklers spraying directly in to the side of the trailer and dogs barking all night. We got up on Friday and met up with Dyl and Aunt Amber and her kids for Huck Finn day. We decided not to fish since we go fishing every friday as a family and just went straight to the games and other fun things. Andee got a rainbow painted on her cheek by one of the "cowgirl princess'" and ran around with her cousins and Dyl. But poor Pep boy just sat in the stroller. He never complained, just didnt have much interest in anything. He did however get a little more interested when they opened up the pond and let the kids go crazy.
We decided that it wasnt worth keeping the poor boy up in a trailer just to go to the parade (which if we are being honest is just a big long line of walking advertisements) And came home early.
It was good but could have been a lot more fun had we all been healthy. We will keep our fingers crossed for next year.

 I mostly just posted this next picture because I enjoy Peps tongue and the confused look on AnDee's face.

 Andrew was literally pouring strawberries and cream down the kids throat as he fell asleep. It was at this point that I decided we had tortured him enough.

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