Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Boy and His Sunglasses

When Pep joined AnDee on the dentist chair they promised the two of them a prize. They opened a giant chest of treasures and Pep grabbed these wicked blue flowered sunglasses...
 And in no time he was attached. He even sleeps in them occasionally. And when I say he sleeps in them I don't mean that he wears them as he is going to bed. I mean he still has them on when he wakes up. Seems uncomfortable to me but whatever floats his boat I guess.
He has also been really weird about wearing his flip flops. He wants to wear them ALWAYS. We fight about it often. He wants to wear them in the tub and to bed and to church. Anywhere anytime. 

In other news about the boy... Have you ever been to Sportsmans Warehouse in Provo?  Well Pep took a special trip with Dad to Sportsmans. On the way in there is a bronze statue of an elk. Pep wanted to ride the elk... it was 104 degrees outside and apparently 104 degrees outside makes a bronze elk exactly 9000 degrees.
 It blistered pretty good and got a little nasty for a couple days (its hard to keep a wound clean while camping) but he was such a trooper. He hardly complained and they are healed completely now. He may have a couple of scares left  over but that's ok cause chicks digs scares, right?

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