Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Girl goes to the Dentist

That's right! The girl went to the Dentist for the fist time ever! She was a little shy and nervous at first but the girls in the office were SO nice it wasn't long before she was on board with everything they asked her to do. She even let her little brother join in on the fun! She is such a good big sister.

Sadly the "sugar bugs" got to some of her teeth and she has a few cavities. We get to go back later this week and fix them! Hopefully she will remember how cool the dentist can be and comply. I mean really... not many dentist offices have tree houses as cool as this...

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  1. I'm waiting for your Gorge post!!! Since I didn't get to go I have to live it through your blog. Instagram wasn't enough, post lots of pictures of the best place in the whole world.

    oh, and your dentist office is the bomb!