Sunday, July 14, 2013

Babies and Bubbles

We love bubble baths at our house. The best part is that mom and dads giant tub (aka: swimming pool) has jets and when jets are turned on, bubbles happen. LOTS of bubbles.
 I feel like the bubbles on his head made him feel confused.
 I'm not really sure how this came to be but I'm fairly certain that AnDee is trying to bubble baptize Pep in this picture..... The question is, is there a body under Peps head? Its a mystery and just a weird picture all around.
A couple of entertaining stories for you:
(Disclaimer: I know Im a bad mom. There is no need to tell me this. If you desire to hear what makes me such a bad mom, continue reading. If not, please stop now)
Andrew was gone, at an overnighter or something of that sort. I had selfishly played a soccer game that evening so we were getting home right at bed time and my kids were nasty and needed baths.The animals hadn't been fed and so I was in a hurry to get everything done at once so my kids wouldn't get over tired and turn in to little devils.  Being the horrible mother I am, I just filled up the tub a few inches and left AnDee in charge of keeping Pep safe while I went out to feed the animals. A very short time in to my feeding efforts I heard screaming. Full on terrorized screaming coming from my back door. (for those of you who haven't been to our house, we have a very large back yard. Its almost an acre and it takes up the center of our entire block. Meaning that every backyard on the block connects with our back yard) I was at the very back of the property where the animals are. Pep was the first to reach me. Completely naked and dripping wet. Still hysterically crying. "Mama! Sprinklers get me!" It took me a minute but I finally came to the conclusion that some how they had turned the shower on and it scared them so they came running to me. Then AnDee arrived (completely naked, dripping wet and crying as well) and so I asked. "Did you guys turn the show on?" She thought for just a minute and told me yes, that was what happened, the shower was on and it sprayed them which is obviously frightening so they came for help. This didn't seem like such a big deal to me so I just continued doing what I was doing. (with my two naked children in tow for all the neighborhood to see) I finished feeding the animals. About 5 minutes later I followed the tiny little wet foot prints through the house and finally reached the bathroom. Shower? No. They had turned the jets on. This normally wouldn't be a big deal except that the water was only deep enough to cover the intake...not high enough to cover the jets. It was sucking the water in and shooting it out EVERY WHERE. We are talking water being launched on to the mirrors, counter tops, towel racks and of course all over the toilet. The floor had a good inch of water pooled up. The good news is that my bathroom got a really good cleaning.

Story number 2. (more of a conversation than story)
I was putting on Peps swim shorts and apparently his little manhood got stuck in the wrong position
Pep: "Mom! Tail!!!"
As a true mother I automatically ingnore him. My thoughts in other places
Pep: "Mom! Tail tuck (stuck) UP!!"
AnDee chimes in: "Pep, you don't have a tail. (in a very snobbish tone) Its called a winky wink!"
I'm still trying to figure out where the winky wink thing came from. I mean the tail thing kind of makes sense. If you really think about it you can see why he would call it that. Regardless though... We now have some pretty sweet alternative names.

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  1. Tail? LOL!! Oh, my goodness that cracks me up! So does winky wink. Your kids are the best!