Saturday, July 27, 2013


In between fishing and camping trips we have stayed pretty busy. We have a really big yard and I am struggling to keep on top of it. Our garden is quite large as well. I'm terrified for when the tomatoes come on. Want to know how many tomato plants we have? 48. That's how many. Terrifying.
But thats not what with post is about its about my kids and the odds ends I have been missing in the blog.
I finally taught Ike to like a binki. He hated it at first but after much persistence on my part he finally tolerates it and sometimes he even acts like he likes it.
Pep keeps acting like he is going to potty train. I encourage it but Im not putting any pressure at this point. However... he doesnt want to wear a diaper sometimes and Im a really good mom and let him run around with his bare bottom hanging out. Im sure my neighbors love it and I know Pep does! He runs around peeing on trees and in the grass. Its good fun. Except for the scratches he got on his behind from climbing a tree while going commando.

  The kids have been enjoying playing in the sprinklers this summer. Pep especially loves it... even if it does get a little rough sometimes.
The dogs got to cool down last week when we gave them baths. Unfortunately while doing so we discovered a giant lump on Hunters side. Turns out its a tumor. Its just a fatty tumor so there is no cancer but it does make him a little uncomfortable. It is about the size of a softball so I can see how that would happen.

Grandma Pam signed AnDee up for a dance camp this last week. AnDee loved it. She needs more of that kind of stuff. It was fun to have some time with just the boys too. I forgot how much easier it was to have only two kids. Pep even helped with mowing the lawn!

We got to meet our new cousin baby Aldee. AnDee is in love with him and I can see why. He is a doll.

Buggy had her first filling done at the dentist. She even got to wear a pink "teddy bear nose" that smelled like bubble gum and watch The Princess and the Frog while doing so. Double win. She was perfect the entire time. She wasn't a huge fan of the numbness at lunch time though...
The girl has spent countless amounts of time coloring and writing this summer. She handed me the following paper and told me it was her family...
Translation: AnDee, Mom, Dad, Pep, Dyl, Dave, Ike, Whit

This boy just melts my heart.
He is so patient. I haul him everywhere. Even up and down mountain sides and he never even makes  a noise.
I was messaging my mom a couple of days ago and had my phone on hand so I snapped this pic...

And immediatly following (and I do mean imediately) He rolled over for the very first time. He just turned 5 months which is right when Pep rolled over too. I remember waiting for Pep to roll over and thinking he was so old to not be rolling. I guess thats what happens when your first born is a freak and rolls over at 8 weeks. My expectations were much different this time. I'm ok with him staying infant for as long as possible. They grow up way too fast for me.


  1. I was looking at my blog and found out that Fox didn't roll over until he was 5 months either. He had no want or need to. And he didn't walk until he was quite a bit older too. But he was one happy baby! I can't wait to hear what you do with all the tomatoes off your 48 tomato plants ;)

  2. I am still amazed at how "Naugle" your kids looks :) That's a good thing. They look so much like each other. I'm with Kira~ keep us informed on your tomato adventure xoxoxoxo