Friday, June 28, 2013

Ike Renzo Baby (As Pep would call him)

This boy is the light of our little household. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. He is happy and smiley and giggle 98% of the time that he is awake and eating the rest of the time.

I take full advantage of nap time because it is the only time that I get to be with him. Just him.  Hold him and cuddle him. However he has got to the point that he no longer wants to be held whilst sleeping and so when he starts to get sleepy I have to put him down, much to my dismay.
 The  other day he had been sleeping and I walked in to the quiet room thinking that is how I would find him. Nope I came in to this cute little picture. Eyes peeking out and legs crossed. Not even making a sound.

We started giving him a little bit of solid food a couple of weeks ago. He gets a couple of tablespoons of sweet potatoes everyday. I'm not gonna lie... he isn't a huge fan. Its not that he hates it but he just doesn't really care for it.  Maybe we should try a new food? Or maybe he is a milk only kind of guy.
He is so close to rolling over but just hasnt quite gotten there yet. He isnt overly interested in that either though so it could be a while on that too. He is happy to just lay there and talk... and drool. He is an extreme drooler and Im not sure why. No teeth seem to be on their way but he soaks everything I put on him.
He loves to stand
 and plank
 and levitate??
 and give people the stink eye

We took him to his first professional soccer game a couple of weeks ago. It was kind of a big deal seeing as it was a world cup qualifier. USA vs Honduras. USA won of course ;)

And he got his first supporter scarf! Next it will be an RSL game and then, one day we will head to a Barcelona game... one day.

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