Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Ikester

This boy is getting HUGE! I have no idea how much he weighs but he is getting hefty and hard to lug around all the time. (I say "all the time" but the truth is that he sits on his own way too often.) We tried some oatmeal serial yesterday. He is almost 4 month so I thought we would give it a shot. Fail. He just spit it all right back out. He really doesn't show any interest in big people food yet so I guess I should just be patient but Im ready for him to spread out his feedings a little if you know what I mean.   Its good though, feeding time is generally the only time that I get to just be with him. And even then its rare if the other two monsters aren't right there being crazy and distracting while he is trying to eat.

He started playing in his bouncer a couple of weeks ago and he loves it. Aunt Gayle found him one of those exersaucers or whatever they call them and he loves to spin around and play with all the toys.  He still loves to stand and show off his muscles but he refuses to roll over. Doesn't even try. He is like his brother in that way. Pep didn't roll over until he was 5 months old. He was completely content to just lay there and so is Ike.

This is about as much action as we get during tummy time...

He is the sweetest baby and he never really fusses unless he is hungry. If he actually gets to a cry we all panic cause its so rare and you know something is really wrong.

apparently he had dry lips???...

He does have some weird skin stuff going on lately though. He will just randomly break out in rashes and looks SO miserable. Makes me feel bad but he is (as always) super patient about it.

 He is such a talker and loves to laugh because he loves that it makes other people laugh.
I have decided that Heavenly Father purposely sent Ike as my third child because if I had a fussy baby for my 3rd I would more than likely lose my mind. He is the best and I love to just snuggle the little squish!

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  1. I cant express how much my arms ache to hold this adorable little boy. He is so cute and sounds so very sweet natured. The only comfort I find is that he will be there when we return home, and for the most part he wont even miss us. For that matter he won't know us either but you can be sure we will be there to get acquainted when we get home.