Thursday, June 20, 2013

We Love Summer!.... and Other Random Stuffs

We love Sunday afternoon naps. Even if we crash on the couch before we can change our clothes because church is right in the middle of nap time. 
 We love summer!!! and all the yummy peas that are coming from our garden right now.
 We love random little girls coming to our house and "selling art"
 We love "park slides" (Peps words)
 We love Aunt Gayle and all the crazy stuff she does with us.
 We LOVE sushi!!! (now you see it)

 (now you don't)  Yes... he really did put the entire piece in his mouth all at once
We also love edamame. We love it enough to lick the plate after its all gone.

We love Friday fish night! ... a new tradition of ours. Every Friday we grab a pizza and head to the the lake for some fishing. Im a huge fan of this tradition.

 We love sprinklers!
 And jumpolines
 We love when siblings play nicely together.
We love baby brother
 and we love 4 hour naps with buffalos. (who wouldn't?)
 We love our new time out plan. Designed specifically for fighting children

We love summer and all the fun that goes along with it. We are headed to Grandma Pam's for the weekend in order to fully enjoy Strawberry days so stayed tuned for our Strawberry days adventures! We love Strawberry Days!!

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