Friday, June 28, 2013

Fathers Day Hike (aka fun with goats)

A while back we woke up to the sound of mooing. When we went outside to see what it was we were greeted with this...
A full on, real life, cattle drive right up our road! Complete with cowboys and heard dogs! We had a big talk about how they were taking the cows from the pastures down here up the canyon so they could eat all the good food up there all summer long. My kids were dying to go see the cows in the canyon. And so, on Fathers Day we went for a family hike (goats included) to check Daddy's trail cam.

 AnDee gets to ride. She is big enough now that we just slap her on and let them go. That really is the cool thing about our goat friends... no lead rope required. We walk, they follow. Simple as that. AnDee has gotten good enough that we trust her to take care of herself and her best goat friend Daisy  and she does an awesome job!

 Daddy is Pep's goat...
Pretty soon he will be big enough to ride on his own too!
It really was a fun little hike and we got to look at all the pictures of the deer on Daddy's camera. And after much anticipation we got to see our cow friends enjoying the delicious mountain grass!

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