Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween 2012

Ok so here I am trying to catch up again. We are going to have to go back to some old stuff but I will eventually catch you up with the new.
We got to do a few of Halloween parties this year. One with the ward, one with the Cowley family, one at Daddy's work and then on Halloween day we went to Grandma Naugle's and had dinner and what not.
This year AnDee decided she wanted to be a "polka dotty monster" and Pep got to be the Hulk. I was a lacking a little in the 'wanting to make costumes' department this year so the costumes were slightly disappointing but here are some pics of the costumes and party fun!

 Some how AnDee and Brigham ended up being the same thing except AnDee had polka dots and Brigs had squares...
 Some of the kids getting ready for the balloon popping game

 They were split in to teams and had to run to the end of the yard and find a way to pop their balloon and then run back. It didnt take long for them to figure out that the tiny little lilac bush was the perfect place to pop. Even Pep joined in the fun. AnDee however refused to play. She was totally disgusted that they were popping perfectly good balloons. (dont worry, directly after Pep popped his, he began to pick up all the pieces of the balloon and throw them away. Its weird how much this kid cares about things being clean)

It was a laid back and fun year for Halloween. Its always a blast to dress up AND play with cousins!

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