Thursday, November 29, 2012


So... our Thanksgiving weekend got off to a rough start. It all began on Tues.  evening when AnDee puked her guts up on my kitchen floor... multiple times. Thank goodness it was in the kitchen though, right? The 24 hour stomach flu hit her at full force and she threw up repeatedly through most of the night. At about 1 a.m. it hit me and at about 8 in the morning it hit Andrew. Somehow Pep escaped the wrath of this nasty bug and for that I am grateful. We spent all day Wednesday being totally miserable. By Thursday morning we weren't  puking anymore but none of us had any energy. It zapped us. We decided to make the trip to Uncle Phil's (in logan) for Thanksgiving dinner regardless of our condition. It actually turned out to be a good idea. We all continued to feel better and better and although dinner wasn't real appetizing because our tummies weren't 100% yet, it was SO fun to play with cousin and see family that we don't see often enough. And the little we did eat was amazingly delicious.
 Uncle Phil's house is a little overwhelming for my kids however. It is seriously better than Disneyland but my kids get over stimulated by it all because we try to keep things pretty simple at our house and we are pretty strict on home much tv we watch and don't even have video games so... we feel a little bombarded when we go to Uncle Phil's house. There are T.V.s and IPads in every room and the theater room is always a hit. The kids LOVE to watch movies in there. Its like their own personal movie theater, complete with stadium seating. The toy room is loaded with every toy and game you can even imagine and the backyard is no less than incredible. Seriously... I honestly think AnDee would prefer their house over Disneyland. No joke. Pep however, just hid most of the time. And most of the time the dog hid with him.
AnDee adores all of her cousins but the big kids tend to get a little crazy for her. She takes the play fighting (and sometimes real fighting) a little too serious sometimes and it upsets her. Lucky for her, Briggy was there and Brigs is her best bud. They look like twins and if you see one, you know that the other is close by. We ended up staying the night and Im pretty sure the only time they were apart was when we were sleeping. I love that she loves Brigs, cause I love him too. They are good for each other.
We were so grateful to get to spend Thanksgiving with my family. We thought we were going to miss it and that was a little upsetting, especially since Nanny and Poppy wont be here next year.
Our lives are SO incredibly blessed. We are so so grateful for the amazing family and friends we have that love and support us in everything we do. We are grateful for our home and the peace and comfort we find here. Pep is such a little homebody. We were gone for a total of 4 days over the weekend and Im pretty sure we heard him ask to go home about 900 times. When we did get home on Sunday he was so relieved and on Monday when I tried to take him grocery shopping he was not having it. He did NOT want to leave home. He threw quite the fit about it and then he again told me he wanted to go home about 100 times while we were trying to get our shopping done.
I am so blessed to have such an amazing and healthy little family. My kids are incredible and I adore everything about them. My husband is so good to all of us. Such an attentive father and spouse. I am so lucky to have someone who is so devoted to me and our children. Its so easy to get distracted by other things but he doesn't let that happen. Im so excited and grateful for the new baby that will be here soon! We are so blessed to have the chance to raise these kids!
Here are some pics of the madness at Phil's house. It was too much fun!
The rock walls... of course Buggy loved these...

 The merry go round is strategically placed right up the hill from the rock wall that drops off like 8 feet....
 The little play house..
The 30 foot blow up slid and bouce house.... cause who doesnt just own (yes I said OWN) a few a of these? SO FUN!

The upstairs toy room, complete with swing set and trampoline...

 Pep hiding with the puppy...

It was a blast and to top it off we got to stay at Grandma Naugle's the rest of the weekend and have dinner with them and even had a get together with extended family. It was busy and we are glad to be home but it was oh so much fun!

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