Monday, November 12, 2012

A Trip to Aunt Gayles

Sometime in October (Dont ask me when. I cant remember that far back.) We took a little trip up to play with Aunt Gayle. She spoiled us, as always. She let the kids help frost and decorate cupcakes and we got to play outside in her trees and swing and boat (I know... its weird but playing in the boat at Gayles house is really high up on the 'fun things' list.

 why did we take this little trip to Aunt Gayles? Because mom chopped her hair off while Gayle watched the kiddos. Almost a foot. Funny thing is... NO one has noticed. How do you cut a foot of hair off and not have it noticed?
Dont be jealous of my super cute pic.


  1. What is this face you are pulling? hahaha!! Awesome! I miss going to Gail's climbing trees, making stuff and swinging. That was a high light of my childhood. No wonder your kids like it. :)

  2. I love your haircut!!! I would have noticed~ but I never get to see you anymore :( Gayle is an amazing woman!!She was fun to visit when I was a kid~ that's three generations now that she has entertained! I do believe she's an angel <3