Tuesday, November 13, 2012


OK so everyone likes Disneyland, right? Even Andrew has admitted that he likes it now that we have kids. Kids really do make it WAY more fun. The truth is that I have become one of those weird people that really adores Disneyland. I love it. We went for 3 days and it wasn't enough for me. Although I think 3 days was more than enough for my husband and probably even my kids too. We drove out there, which made me nervous at first but my kids are awesome and we took our time so it really wasn't bad at all. We got to spend some time with cousins while there as well as Nanny and Poppy and we got a special day at Disney with Dave, Dyl and Whit. AnDee was in heaven. We had a blast and I am really grateful that we have the means to be able to do these kinds of things. We are spoiled. Like REALLY spoiled. Pep is only 18 months old and has already been to Disneyland twice. Crazy.

So you cant see it very well but I made the pillow that is around AnDee's neck. Its just like a normal neck pillow but the back is WAY smaller so it doesn't push her head forward. LIFESAVER. Ill never travel long distances without them...

 You can kind of see my Dad and Buggy in this one... if you look hard..
 Why do I always look so lovely in these pictures?

 This was about the most time we spent with my family. Not sure why we didn't meet up more often. I think AnDee enjoyed just hanging out with them more than going on the rides. We got to watch an entire 20 min parade with them! Next time we will plan for more cousin time.

 AnDee wanted to go on EVERY ride with Whitney. New best friend??? Very possible.
 Poor Xavi boy got left behind on more than one occasion. AnDee was big enough to ride a couple of bigger rides like Splash Mountain (moms favorite.... scared the snot out of her) and Big Thunder Mountain.
 Ok.... So I am a horrible person and snuck my fat pregnant belly on  a few rides that I wasn't actually suppose to be going on "in my condition" (What does that even mean?!) but seriously... I doubt that Splash Mountain is going to cause any real harm. If the kid comes out with brain damage, you can all blame me (please bless it doesn't come out with brain damage)

 Poor Pep... how embarrassing.

 My kids took about a two hour nap everyday... in the park... they are awesome. And of course Andrew would never pass up the opportunity to sleep :)

Pep got a Pooh bear...

He drags that thing with him everywhere now. He LOVED the Pooh ride and made us go on it multiple times. AnDee got a baby Dumbo (you can see it in the parade pic) She too takes it with her everywhere. Again... spoiled. SO spoiled

Winnie the Pooh wasn't the only surprise Pep left Disneyland with...
The day after our last day at Disney Pep looked like this most of the day...
 And then this started to appear...
 yup! Disneyland gave us Hand, foot and mouth disease! Wahoo?!
These pics were taken on like day 3 of the rash... its worse now, so much worse. The skin is cracking and peeling off. He is in pain pretty much always. When we finally got him in to the Doctor yesterday the doctor said it was one of the worst cases he has ever seen. We are just waiting for AnDee to come down with it... as well as Andrew and I (Although it wont be nearly has bad for us) Its inevitable. Ill let you know how it goes.


  1. Random, but I thought I would let you know my experience with it - my girls had it over the summer, but only Poppy had the rash. Ellie just had a fever and felt terrible. I think it might have been in her throat, but we didn't find out until Poppy came down with it later. Anyway, hopefully at least one of you will end up rash-free, even if you have the yuckiness! Poppy's rash stuck around forever. After it healed the skin under her nails and on her hands peeled from the blisters for weeks. :(

    At least you got it doing something awesome, right?!

  2. Oh no!! I hope he gets better soon! That's super sad :( But Disneyland is awesome! We are hoping to go again in 2014. Hopefully!!

  3. How sad but I'm glad you had fun! We also have a baby dumbo that goes everywhere with us still to this day. I love it!