Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Beach

The day we arrived in Cali we headed straight to the beach. No stop at the hotel, we just changed in the car. We had been in the car for way to long and it was time to party. It was PERFECT, 90 degrees, sun shining, the waves were perfect, not too big and scary. Andrew and I had made sure to scare the snot out of AnDee about how dangerous the waves could be and whatnot. She tends to be a little fearless and we didnt want to have her diving in all by herself. We apparently did a good job because she refused to touch the water unless one of us was holding her hand. When Aunt Amber and her kids showed up and her kids dove right in AnDee was mortified! She was yelling at all of her cousins that it was dangerous in there and they were going to drown. I didnt want to ruin the ocean experience for her but I think a little fear can be a good thing sometimes. Eventually she loosened up a little (not too much) when she saw that Brigham could splash in the water without dying and she got a little more adventurous. Pep.... was Pep. He chilled in the sand, got his toes wet and was just happy in general. I think his favorite part was chasing the seagulls and pigeons away from our food.

 Little Gracie goo..
 Andrew catching sand crabs for the kids... Pretty sure he had more fun than them.

 Ok so AnDee has been watching avatar with her dad.. she now does these weird avatar moves all the time. She quite often tells me that she is a water bender.

We caught crabs and saw dolphins and just had  a good time in general. Andrew and I even saw a itty bitty shark swimming by us. It was SO good to get out of the car and on to the beach!

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  1. I also am a water bender. Although I think her moves are just a little better than mine. :)