Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Me: AnDee Lew, its time to clean up.
AnDee: I can't... Im too tired.
Me: Well you better hurry and clean up so we can go home and go to bed then.
AnDee: But I SOOOO sick
Me: I think you'll be ok.
(AnDee still stalling)
Me:AnDee... you can either choose to clean up the toys or you can choose to put your nose on the wall and THEN clean up the toys
AnDee: I can't mom... a dinosaur will get me.
Me: AnDee... this is your last chance.. clean up the toys.
(She slowly starts putting toys in the box)
Me: Oh Buggy! you're doing such a good job!
AnDee: You're doing such a good job.... sitting there watching me!
I know you are all thinking she said this innocently... like she was actually giving me a compliment... Nope. She said it just exactly the way a snotty 15 year old would do. I am so not prepared for her teenage years.

A couple weeks ago we had some friends over and AnDee's Uncle Dave was joking around and saying some slightly unintelligent things. My 2 year old waited for a break in the laughter and looked straight at him and said "Dave, you are SUCH a child"
uh... excuse me?

Other things she says that make me giggle:
See ya later crocodile
I am irritated
My oldest mommy (referring to her Great Grandmother)
Hocolate chocolate (hot chocolate)

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