Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas was superb this year. The kids didn't wake up until 8:30 so we just got them dressed and headed to church at 9. When we got home we changed and Pep took a little nap while AnDee dug in to presents. When she saw the Dora play house that Santa brought she forgot all about the other presents. We practically had to force her to open the others. She made a haul though, despite my best efforts to keep it small and simple.
When Pep got up we got to dig through our stockings and Pep opened his presents. AnDee went once with Mom to get Pep a present and once with Dad.... we didn't know it but each time she got him rubber duckies for the tub. It worked out though because he loves them and he LOVES bath time.
I took basically no pictures but here are the two I did get.

We had breakfast and spent a few hours at Grandma Pams house and then came home and got a visit from Uncle Dyl and shortly after a visit from Nanny and Poppy. For days after Christmas, every time AnDee would see someone walk through our front door she would say something like "What did you bring?" or "you have presents?"  Hopefully next year she won't be so greedy?? Probably not, but Im hopeful. She is a good kid though. She talked a lot about Jesus' birthday and how he was just a tiny tiny baby. :)

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