Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Xavi boy

First of all... for all of you who don't know this already. Xavi is not pronounced zay-vee like most people think. Its pronounced shaw-vee. I have to clarify this because... well I think zayvee is an ugly name and that is how most americans assume the name is said. When we blessed Pep and the Bishop was announcing him he called him "Josheph Zayvee" So when Andrew actually gave him his name our bishop was slightly embarrassed. Now he ALWAYS calls him Xavi (like its supposed to be said) anyway.... lets talk a little about this Xavi boy.
He is finally getting his first tooth. It hasn't popped through yet but at the ripe old age of 9 months he is working on it. Which is so good because he still loves food and teeth are of course just a tool for eating more of it.
He is an expert crawler now. Both up on his knees and down on his belly, army style. I can't believe how fast he can army crawl. Its unreal. He usually only crawls up on his knees if his pants are off. Apparently they get in the way?
He is pulling himself up on everything now days and loves to hold our fingers and walk. His feet are so little in comparison to the rest of him though... Im afraid that this may affect his ability to balance. Poor little tiny footed man.
He is sweet as can be and loves to laugh... which makes everyone else laugh because his laugh is so darn soft and cute.
He is in discovery mode. Anything that has a button or makes a noise, he figures it out... and then I hear that noise over and over and over again for at least 15 minutes.
I think his favorite activity right now is swinging.... well first eating and then swinging.
He loves anything with wheels. Cars, trucks, strollers, high chairs, whatever... as long as it has wheels, its golden
We love our  little Xavi boy!

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  1. Fox had funky feet when he was little and he turned out fine. He still has ridiculously little feet. Really. I get comments about how little his feet are from strangers. But he can run and play with the best of them :)