Monday, January 30, 2012

a boy and his tooth

It finally happened! The tooth that has been sitting at the very edge of Peps gums has finally broken through! This was no ordinary up and down delay of the tooths arrival. This was, the tooth jumped on the train and made the trip all the way to the station and then refused to walk through the doors.... for approximately two weeks. Which made for a fairly unhappy baby at times and a frustrated Mama. Don't worry though the new tooth is soon to have a neighbor. Only problem is that this neighbor seems to have the same fear of walking through doors as the first tooth. We remain hopeful that he will conquer his fears soon though and that we will have two teeth with which to chew delicious foods!
If you look really closely you might be able to see our little tooth friend.

The tooth is among many first lately. Such as the first sled rides this year.... which equal Peps first sledding experience! Felicity and AnDee had a BLAST and they even got Aunt Gayle on board. And Buggy and I even got to go out... just the two of us and build a snowman together! Bet you can't guess what the snowman's name is?! (If you guessed Bonnie, you are totally right!)

The kids also both got their first hair cuts. I did them.... which was SUCH a bad idea. I did ok with AnDee just cut the very ends off but Im still sulking about what I did to Peps hair. I LOVED his hair. It made the perfect little mohawk and now its gone because of me :(
oh well... I still think he's cute.
I cut of at least a full two inches. so so sad

Remember how I was like 5 before my hair was this long and thick? Crazy.

Pep is getting EXTREMELlY active. He is starting to take a few steps on his own now and then but it is mostly just falling forward and trying to catch him self. He has been very successful with this though...

Its funny because this is in no way supposed to be a walking toy. Its just a little piano type deal but both of my kids have learned to walk on it. Its perfect cause it never tips over.

He has this habit of rubbing his eyes while eating his oatmeal before bed, which results in this...

Last week I was cooking dinner and had my back to the kids. AnDee was coloring and Pep was in his chair eating. Andrew was watching them so I wasn't too concerned with them. After a few minutes, without turning around, I reminded Buggy not to draw on her brother. Unexpectedly Andrew burst in to laughter at this reminder. why?...

It was too late. Thats right... Andrew had sat and watched AnDee color her brother. This picture by no means does justice to her artwork.

The little fatty has discovered a new trick. He has figured out that when he laughs his little soft pooh bear laugh... it makes mom laugh and when we are both laughing, he doesn't have to take his nap... at least until the laughter is over. So I will be holding him, rocking him to sleep and his eyes will roll in to the back of his head but suddenly a big fat grin will appear and his little laugh sneaks out. It gets me every time, I start laughing and when I start laughing his eyes pop open and he laughs even harder. The little stink, he knows how to manipulate me.
Speaking of "the little fatty" I think we are developing a future eating disorder in the kid. He has started shoving his fingers down his throat until he gags. Its only a matter of time before he start binging and purging. Maybe its time to lay off the fat jokes?


  1. My goodness you have some ridiculously cute kids. Peps smile kills me! I'm jealous of the snow. Well maybe not the snow, but the hills to sled on the snow. We have hills. btw-every time I visit, on your "live traffic feed" thing, it shows up as Springfield Missouri. Weird. It's just me. In Davenport Iowa. Only about 400 miles away from Springfield Missouri, but whatever :). Okay, that is all.

  2. first of all, i love the faces they make! hilarious!

    second, i dealt with the gagging thing, too. except she did it when she wanted attention or was mad at me - like when she was buckled in the carseat and wanted out. it made me almost cry a couple of times because it sounded so horrible. finally she made herself throw up and then she didn't really do it anymore. ugh, i hate when they learn the hard way.

  3. Two cute kids! Isn't it SO fun being a Mom?! Yes, were moving to my Grandpa's in a month or so. You never see us because we are extra good at hiding out!! :)