Monday, January 16, 2012

More funnies

Yesterday we were walking down the stairs (from my parents house to ours) When We got about half way down, out of no where AnDee yells back up the stairs "crocodile!" my mom laughed a little and said "see ya later alligator" to which AnDee replied "crocodile uncle Donald"
... Makes perfect sense to me.
We were in the kitchen last night making jello popcorn and AnDee decided it was time for some action so she came in and grabbed mine and Andrews hands "come on daddy! Let's play ring around the posies all fall on us bums"

I love listening to her just sit in her room and jabber away. She says the coolest things and the talking never stops. We went for a hike last Saturday (I know... It's January... Shouldn't it be too cold for that?) I had Pep on my back and Andrew was holding AnDee's hand and I could here her squeaky little voice going non-stop but couldn't make out what she was saying. I could hear Andrew however "what?"..."what?"... What AnDee" (sounding exasperated) "bug... You need to stop talking for a minute"
Ha! Have a little taste of my daily life, andrew! :)
She names everything Bonnie lately... Not sure where it came from but so far she has a tiger named Bonnie (who guards the dirty diapers on the porch) and two dolls named Bonnie... Actually the one dolls name is Honnie Bonnie. I think that's just her stripper name though. And most recently she has discovered her imaginary red dinasour... Named Bonnie.
FYI Red dinosaurs are nice but blue ones are mean. Steer clear of the blue ones.


  1. i want to be her friend!! She sounds like the coolest kid ever!

  2. I think I'm gonna start using that "crocodile Uncle Donald" when ever I can, it's pretty cool! She makes me laugh! Whenever we play ring around the rosies we all land on our bums too, makes perfect sense! Sierra named all her favorite things Babette. Thank goodness she's over that stage now :) xoxoxo