Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cowley Christmas Party

So a few days after the Disneyland trip we had a Christmas party with the Cowley side. It was a blast for AnDee. She loves it when all her cousins get together. She even got to play outside with her crazy uncles Caleb and Phil. They took some of the kids to the park that is basically in Aunt Ambers backyard. Im pretty sure they had WAY more fun on the toys than the kids did. When AnDee came back she said to me "Mom, those guys are crazy" She couldn't be more right about that.
Santa came to the party and AnDee was super brave and for the very first time she walked up to him, all by herself and even exchanged a few words with him! Every time someone asked her this year what she wanted for Christmas she would tell them "a candy cane" She told Santa that 3 different times at 3 different locations and each time he wouldn't believe her. He would always say "A candy cane? Well what else do you want" and she would say "um... just a candy cane"
She is so easy to please.
The cousins exchanged gifts and AnDee got a barbie and Pep got a sweet hammer and a cow/ball thing that laughs and shakes. He couldn't have been happier. Seriously... I had no idea he would get so in to some toys. And, as expected, he loved the wrapping paper, the box, and especially the bow.

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