Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A day at the beach

So while we were in California we got to spend a day at the beach. It was amazing because all the locals apparently thought it was far too cold to be out there but for us Utah natives, the weather seemed wonderful the sun was shining and the sand was actually even a little warm. AnDee could not have been happier. I think it was as good as Disneyland in her mind. She was SO excited and SO happy the entire time we were there. She was a little disappointed that we couldn't find any crabs though. She wanted to get in the water and swim so bad but it was a bit chilly for that... even for us Utahns. They were moving loads of sand up and down the beach so there were giant sand piles all over. This might have been the best gift anyone could have given Buggy.

Do you see how gorgeous this beach is.... and we are the only people in sight.  (When I say "gorgeous" I am of course referring to as gorgeous as california beaches get.... I have yet to see a beach to compare to those in Zanzibar. *sigh*... Im going to make a promise.... I hereby make a vow to do some post of our africa trip. I know its old news but its old news that I want to remember... and that makes my heart ache every time I think about it. Oh how I miss it)

 This was also a very educational trip to the beach. We learned how clouds are made. Do you see the cloud making machine in the background? Yup... thats how clouds are made....

Pep is just happy... happy at the beach.. happy at disneyland...happy everywhere. I love this cute little squish.

Im starting to think maybe a California-like climate might be a better option for our family. Seeing as it apparently doesn't snow in Utah anymore. I HATE cold without snow. Its just yucky and unpleasant. Give me snow or give me tropical...  thats what I always say ;)

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