Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Remember that one time we went to Disneyland for Christmas?

Thats right folks! We went to Disneyland for a few days a couple weeks before Christmas and can I just tell you that I LOVE Disneyland at Christmastime? We picked an awesome time to go too... although we did get one rainy day that wasn't overly warm, for the most part it was nice 60 degreeish weather with no lines for any of the rides. Amazing. We LOVED it.
We flew in to long beach and when the plane finally touched down and slowed down AnDee threw her arms in the air and yelled at the top of her lungs "We made it! WAHOO!" Seeing as the plane was tiny and there were only about 50 people on it... EVERYONE heard her, and everyone was laughing. She turned in to quite the social little thing. Talking to everyone, saying "excuse me" when accidentally pumping in to someone, and then turning to me and saying "mom I like him/her. She's nice to me" when they would reply.
When we stepped off the plane into the warm 70 degree (that day) Cali weather she looked up and said "Oh! Mom! Jungle trees!" She was SO excited about the palm trees (AKA jungle trees).
Disneyland was so magical for her. I loved seeing it through her eyes. She saw every princess and charecter you can imagine. The Christmas decorations were perfect. The rides amazing... unless they were dark... she didn't like the dark ones... except Pirates of the Caribbean which seems really weird that she would like that one but I took her on it directly after I took her on The Haunted Mansion ride... Which she HATED so I guess it made Pirates seem not so bad.  Pep on the other hand was not a real fan of the drop offs in the darkness... he may have screamed a bit.
The Christmas Parade might have been her favorite part though. She sang and danced and clapped and waved through the entire thing. So. much. fun!
Pep was incredible. He ate, slept and played just like he would have if he were at home. We took him on all the rides he was allowed on and split up for the ones he wasn't. The plane ride there was a little rough on him but he slept on the way home. The only thing he really complained about was The World of Color show. I think it was just too loud and too close to bed time. AnDee wasn't a real fan of it either. She asked if we could leave... so we went on the little mermaid ride in stead.
I love that my kids are so easy going and happy. It was the best thing in the world to be able to go with just our little family and take things slow and do them at our own pace with just the four of us.
here are some pics of the our adventure!

The rainy day... you can't possible begin to imagine how happy this umbrella made her.

We could not get her to stop making this face when we were trying to take her picture...

 But then I tried it out... and I realized why she was doing it. Not only do you look amazing while making this face... its just plain fun.


  1. Disneyland is made for little kids! It is so much fun when you go with kids. I'm so happy for you that your family got to go! Most of my kids went at Thanksgiving and I was left home :( Talk about feeling left out! But don't you worry, I'll make it there again soon :) xoxoxoxo

  2. I didn't know you went to disneyland!! I'm So Jealous!! It looks like it was a blast!!

  3. YOU GUYS DOOOOOO LOOK AMAZING MAKING THAT FACE!!!!!!! I love your trip photos!!! How fun!!!!!!!! Smooches! It was fun to see you guys the other day! YAY! Love your updated blog!!! And pic!!!