Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Andrew thought I was joking when I asked him if I could start putting up Christmas decorations on the day after Halloween. I wasn't. But he thought it was a little much a little too early so we agreed I would wait until Thanksgiving day (which is a Cowley tradition) That was an awfully long wait for me! I mean we are talking 3 weeks! So this is how I kept myself busy in the meantime...

Thats right boys and girls! Chantal did crafty things!
Last year I wanted a candy tree SO bad but I couldn't find decorations anywhere and so, I set to work making gingerbread men (the edible ones) and such. And much to my surprise (or maybe not so much) my extremely well trained and well behaved dogs ate the majority of them before we ever got to Christmas. I have to be honest, beating the crud outta my dogs for eating my Christmas ornaments kinda killed the Christmas spirit for me. So this year I went out looking at Christmas decorations and guess what?! There are candy ornaments and decorations EVERYWHERE!!! UGH!!! What can I say, Im a trend setter ;) (PS. you can totally thank me for bringing back tie dye) but since Im not willing to pay upward of 5 flipping bucks for one stinking ornament, I decided to get crafty, these are the result of that craftiness (If you are not impressed or cant tell what they are supposed to be, please feel free to keep your mouth shut about it cause I spent WAY to much time working on these things. I would probably cry if someone said something negative about them)

here are some close ups...
The FELT gingerbread men. Pretty sure my dogs wont eat these ones.

Thats right... its a gumdrop ball... thats all

 My giant peppermint candy! I heart styrofoam!

 These are my favorites, mostly because they took the most work and I spent a lot if time messing up and readjusting. Who doesn't love giant gumdrops?! This picture does not do them justice.


  1. I LOVE them!! I will have to come see them in person to get the full sugary effect of them! I am so impressed with your creativeness :) xoxoxo