Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sugar? No. Honey Honey!

So for those of you that dont know. We have honey bees. We actually harvested the honey a couple months ago but Im just now getting around to blogging about it.
This is the very first day we got the bees and Andrew is getting ready to put them in the box. Notice his socks tucked in to his pants. So stylish.
Here are a few of the bees (and it really is a few in comparison) a month or so after we put them in their new home.
and here is a couple of shots of us bottling it.

I tried to upload some video of some of the process, but it didnt work and I dont have the patients to try again. Sorry?

Anyway, it kind of a fun process and its funny how comfortable you get with bees. At least with honey bees, I still dont trust the rest of them.


  1. that is super awesome! I want a jar. if i come visit...can i have one?

  2. Holy Smokes!! I am kind of jealous! I want to have honey bees, and mostly the honey. One day you can teach me and I (Okay, probably Tony...because I am slightly frightened of bees) raise my own bee friends. Super cool. ::Tony says, "You know, Christmas is coming up..."::

  3. I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS!!!! Yes, I am yelling this at you! Eddie and I really want to do this too. So proud of you both for beeing bee keepers :) xoxoox