Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spooooooky Halloween!

The most spooky part of this halloween was most definitely me in my ridiculous costume. No doubt about it. We went as the Flintstones because I was far too lazy to try to put lollipop kid costumes together. These where enough work for me. I didnt make mine but I did make AnDee and Andrews. I heart hot glue :)
Here is one of just the Bug. The picture is from my phone which equals poor quality but she is cute regardless.
Anyway... We didnt go trick or treating (which I was very sad about) but we did go to our ward trunk or treat (which was MADNESS!) AnDee seemed to enjoy it so I guess it was worth it?


  1. What great costumes! AnDee was adorable! You and Andrew were awesome:) (especially Andrew! how did you get him to dress up?) Too bad the weather was so disgusting :( I would have loved to have seen you all in person. xoxoxox

  2. hahahaha!! Were'd you get your hair and necklace? That is the coolest thing ever!! I am highly impressed!! Good work!