Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our pumpkins and a black cat named Binx

Here is a pic (finally) of the finished painted pumpkins and as promised, my kid is dressed this time. Im sure I dont have to explain who's is who's. Its pretty easy to figure out.

Now for the cat... One night about a week or so before Halloween we were just pulling in to our drive way when all of the sudden AnDee starts yelling "Kitty! Kitty!" and pointing up. So, of course we look up to find an extremely black cat with extremely green eyes sitting on our roof. Yes, our roof. Right at the peak of the roof to be exact and to add to it, the moon which, just so happened to be full, was directly behind it. Spooky? yes. Well... the cat never left. It has adopted us and NOT the other way around. I dont feed it. It doesnt come in my house (gratefully) but what it does do is come running every time it hears us outside and lets my kid beat the crud out of it. I think this might be the best pet ever!We named it Zachary Binx because Im pretty sure that is may be THE cat that was in Hocus Pocus.

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  1. You have the hocus pocus cat!! That is the coolest! You should try running it over with your car. Then you would really know if it is. :)